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Shop for Half Your Christmas List in 20 Minutes

by Missy Greensill 17 Nov 2022
20 mins to shop for half the people on your list? Now that's a Christmas Miracle. - Charlie and Piper Gifts for Men
It's no secret that choosing gifts can be a frustrating business. It can be made even more difficult when you're trying to give lots of unique gifts to lots of different people. Thankfully, there’s another option — giving the same gift to multiple people! When a gift is great it doesn't matter that you give it different people, it just makes sense.
Here are 3 gifts that you can buy in multiples that every man will love.
This awesome holder can be used for cans and bottles of all sorts. So even if he doesn't drink alcohol it's still a great gift for Christmas. The holder will not only keep his drink cold but its clever design means that it is safe to take into the pool or the spa - perfect!
All men need a grooming kit to help tame those nails, nose and ear hairs etc. Our stylish kit looks smart and with 12 different tools will give him easy access to everything he needs to stay looking polished. This is a great for teenagers up.
Not only does the scalp massager feel fantastic but it promotes scalp health, reduces dandruff and removes excess hair product.
So make a list of who you need to buy for, buy the gifts you think they will love and knock over half the people on your gift buying list in one session! Christmas shopping has never been so easy.
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