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Master the Art of Gift Giving on a Budget

by Missy Greensill 26 Jun 2023
20% off sale

Gift-giving is a great way to show love and strengthen connections. As you know, gift-giving is part of my love language. However, especially in our current economic climate, finding the perfect gift on a budget can be a challenge.

Here is my secret for finding the perfect gifts at a discounted price: actively shop when items are on sale! At this time of year, when lots of companies I like to shop with have an end-of-year sale, I buy lots of gifts in advance. So on Saturday, I went with my mum to one of my favourite homeware stores and bought some Christmas presents for friends—in June!

So here are my top tips for buying great gifts for you to give your loved ones:


  1. Save Big, Buy on Sale: Gifts don't have to cost a fortune to make a big impact. You can snag amazing deals by shopping during sales and still deliver wonderful presents. You don't need to break the bank to buy them something they'll love (use EOFY20 for a 20% discount off your entire order until June 30).

  2. Plan like a Pro: Don't wait until the last minute! Be a gift-giving genius by planning ahead. Make a list of the fabulous men you want to spoil and think about their interests and preferences. With a little foresight, you'll have plenty of time to find the perfect, discounted gift while also avoiding the stress and rush of last-minute shopping.

  3. Hunt for Hot Deals: Let's embrace the digital age of shopping! Did you know that by signing up for emails from us, you receive inside scoops on flash sales and special discounts? Apply this same approach to every company you shop from, and get ready to receive some awesome offers!

  4. Get Creative and Go with the Flow: Sales are the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild! Be open to new ideas and unexpected finds. Allow yourself to think outside the box and discover hidden gifts that perfectly match the personality of the man you're shopping for. Embrace the joy of stumbling upon unique gifts that will leave them speechless.

Remember, the thought and joy behind the gift are what truly matter, not just the price tag. With smart planning, savvy deal-hunting, and a touch of creativity, you can find amazing gifts at unbeatable prices.
For the next couple of days, use code EOFY20 when you check out to apply 20% off your entire order (expiry June 30).
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