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Great Gifts for Hot Weather ☀️🌡️

by Missy Greensill 22 Sep 2023
Great Gifts for Hot Weather ☀️🌡️

Wow! Were you as caught off guard as the rest of us with the heat this week? As I threw on a summer dress to go to my son’s high school graduation I completely forgot that my legs were not as ‘Summer ready’ as the weather. Whoops, hair legs are back right?

But the hot weather was a great reminder that Summer (and Christmas) are coming so let's look at some great gifts that you can give him to help beat the heat:

1.My personal fav, the Alcoholder

Why do I love it? It works for cans and bottles. Once the drink is in the holder I am happy for people to take their drink into the pool or spa (as it’s now encased in the stainless steel) and it keeps the drink 5 x colder than a neoprene stubby holder (which I personally don’t like the look of) these are one of my ‘go to’ gifts for men. 

2.Drink Rocks

We sell 3 different types of drink ‘rocks’, they are all designed to replace ice in a drink so that the drink is kept cold without watering down the flavour - brilliant!

Bullet Shaped Ice Rocks are always fun and a big talking point. Made with food safe silicone inside the stainless steel bullet these cool down in the freezer really quickly.

Playing Card Shaped Drink Rocks are perfect for the poker player or the Bridge set. These rocks are designed for card players who want to keep their drinks cold while calculating their next move.

Granite whiskey stones are for the sophisticated man who wants to sip on his drink and enjoy the flavours. 


3.Beer Chiller Sticks

Ever picked up a case of beer and it wasn’t cold - ack! No one wants warm beer. Keep these beauties in your freezer and pop them into your warm beer, they will get it cold quickly and not dilute the flavour - winning!

So remember, although a surprise heatwave can catch anyone off guard, you can help the men in your life stay cool, comfortable, and refreshed by having these gifts on hand.

Happy gifting


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