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Ready to learn the secret for shopping for men?

by Missy Greensill 27 Oct 2022
Are you ready to learn the secret for shopping for men? - Charlie and Piper Gifts for Men

Shopping for the men in your life can at times feel really difficult, especially when he seems to have it all. So how do you find the perfect gift he'll be sure to love? Read on for Charlie+Piper's top 5 tips. 

There is no worse feeling than buying your special someone a gift that lays discarded at the bottom of the walk-in wardrobe or in "that" drawer filled with various items you don't use but don't want to throw away.

So what’s the secret to finding him something that’s perfect? Here is the secret, are you ready?  It's about aligning the gift with his passions, the things he finds fun.  So, think about what he loves to do, and find something unique around this concept.

Let's explore some ideas.

#1 Go Quirky

Many options can allow you to express your funny side with your partner regarding gift options. From ‘lucky’ socks to statement mugs and even a book full of insults!

#2 Practical

Consider some practical options for the hardworking man. For example, think about gifts around travelling (portable laptop desks), Trade Aid Band-Aids (Band-Aids that actually stay on) or magnetic wristbands for the budding builder. 

#3 Get Grooming

Don't forget about the avid groomer. There are so many options that range from beard and moustache care, shower scrubbers to hand moisturizer made specifically for Aussie guys.  Our specially designed male grooming kits are also a welcomed gif especially for the young man who is moving out of home.

#4 Tipple or Two

If your favourite man loves to indulge in a tipple or two, there are some outstanding gifts that will undoubtedly put a smile on his face. Think specially designed ice bullets, beer chilling sticks, or a shower beer drink holder. Of course, a classy wine holder is also an excellent option for your discerning leading man!

#5 Outdoors

If that special someone loves the great outdoors, consider some practical birthday gifts. Camping tools and pop-up lanterns are fantastic options. Or get that BBQ lover some new and impressive tools of the trade.

You will find all of these gifts and more at so jump onto the website and find him the perfect gift.



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