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My First Father's Day Without Him

by Missy Greensill 10 Aug 2023
My First Father's Day Without Him

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been raised by two wonderful fathers – my dad and my stepfather, both of whom, along with my mother, played pivotal roles in shaping the woman I am today. They've been a source of love and guidance, and their presence in my life has influenced who I am as a grown daughter and as a parent myself.

Last December, I received a call that no one ever wants, my dad, at the age of 82, had passed away peacefully at home. The news left me feeling numb, in shock and sad all at once. Logically I should have probably been prepared for it but I wasn't, I mean really, how can you be?

It has been more than 7 months now, and there are moments when a song, a phrase, or a familiar scent triggers memories of dad, I think about his big cheeks, blue eyes and lovely warm English accent. I might laugh, I might cry, I might feel sad and I might feel everything in between when this happens. This is my grieving, it's not linear.

So this is my first Father's Day without Dad.

To all those experiencing their first Father's Day without your father, you're not alone. Embrace the emotions, cherish the memories, and celebrate him. 

x Missy

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