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Gift Giving Should Be Fun

by Missy Greensill 27 Oct 2023

Gift-giving should be fun, it is all about spreading joy and connecting with our loved ones. But let's face it, we're all super busy. Finding the time to find the right gift without spending lots of money can make the whole gift giving 'thing' feel like a stressful, joyless task. How sad is that?

So today, I am sharing 3 tips to help you TAKE BACK THE JOY 😍 of gift-giving when it comes to the men in your life. Let's go:

1. The anticipation of opening a gift

Creating the element of surprise is one of the fun parts of the gift-giving process. Watching him pick up the gift, shake it, smell it, feel it, trying to work out what is in that that wrapped package, that is fun! Enjoy the anticipation. 

2. The best gifts make him smile

Picking out a gift that shows you know him is always a sure-fire win. Whether you chose a gift that is funny, practical, or deeply meaningful, it's a fantastic opportunity to deepen a connection with them. And the best part? That ear-to-ear smile he will give you when he unwraps it. Priceless.

3. Shopping for gifts should be easy

Shopping for gifts should be fun, not stressful. So think smart about it. Don't face the carparks, the shops, the queues trying to find just 'something' he might like. Instead, snuggle into the couch, take out the list of people you need to buy gifts for, and easily 'add to cart' the gifts for all of the men in your life with a single shopping trip to Voilà, gift shopping done easy!

Take a moment, and remember the joy you can have when gift giving these holidays. 



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